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Singapore has temporarily halted the use of two influenza vaccines as a precaution after some people who received them in South Korea died, becoming among the first countries to publicly announce a halt of the vaccines' usage.
South Korea reported that 48 have died as of Saturday after getting flu shots, but said it would carry on with the state-run vaccination programme as they found no direct link between the deaths and the shots.
No deaths associated with influenza vaccination have been reported in Singapore to date, but the decision to halt the use of SKYCellflu Quadrivalent and VaxigripTetra was precautionary, the health ministry and the Health Sciences Authority (HAS) said in a statement late on Sunday.

Кто там из блогеров верещал как резанный против антипрививочников? И где все эти прогрессивные врачи, что за прививки глотки рвали? Ради справедливости, их всех надо отловить вместе членами их семей и всем сделать прививки.
Они же все орали, что прививки 100% безопасны! И все кто отказывается прививаться твари конченные...
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